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Extending the undisputed academic, extra-curricular and pastoral benefits that the School can offer to a wide range of children, including those who could not otherwise afford to come to St Edward’s.

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Unlike many other leading independent schools, St Edward’s does not have the benefit of a substantial endowment. Though we commit around 5% of our yearly income to bursaries, this allows only a limited number of scholarships and fee subsidies to support children from families unable to afford full fees. It is especially important in difficult financial times that we continue to look for ways to increase our Bursary funding, so that the advantages provided by the School may be made more widely available. Our aim is to create a £15m Bursary Fund. For those who recognise the value of a St Edward’s education a donation to the Bursary Fund is an opportunity to give others the chance to experience the benefits of all that the School can provide. There are a number of different bursary funding options depending on the level of donation, and your preferred type of bursary to support: Named Bursaries, 150th Anniversary Bursaries and Martyrs Sports Awards. Every gift of any size can make a real difference, both to the pupils supported by the Bursary Programme, and through their presence, to the School as a whole.