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Building Bridges 2

A shared out of hours activities service for eight inner-city secondary schools and a school for deaf children. By having an 11-25 age range, one strand is to develop and train young adults as the next generation of leaders, activity organisers and supervisors.

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  • Young People (18-30)Young People (18-30)



Reasons - Many schools in inner-Bradford have very limited provision for out of hours activities - Thousands of young people here have received no benefit from the Youth Opportunity Fund and other schemes intended to support out of hours activities - After the Bradford riot in 2001 Sir Herman Ouseley wrote that young people were "desperate" for adequate leisure and recreation activities. Nothing has changed. - Educational aspirations are frequently low and can be raised by motivational OOSH activities. - Health and wellbeing levels are frequently low. - Countryside access is extremely rare for BME communities in Bradford (even though many of them can see fields and moors from the inner city) Goals - All young people to take part in at least one physical activity and one non-physical activity out of school hours - Through doing this each participant to meet and know by name at least one peer from a different area, school, ability level, ethnicity or faith. - To study the effects of a comprehensive OOSH provision on the motivation and achievement of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds (research brief already carried out for Durham University)