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In - Deep drop in centre

We are currently raising funds to open a drop in centre on the estate where we are based in Westminster. This will be open 3 days a week alongside our other activities there. We will be offering an extended complementary therapy service, a listening ear service, a filling in form service, a community cafe etc.

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We want to open the drop in centre as many elderly people in the area are isolated. They very often spend all week in a flat without seeing anyone and lack friendship and support. By extending the work we do to open a drop in centre it will give elderly people a place to meet others in the week. It will also give us the chance to extend our complentary therapy service which also gets very booked up. To set the project up and for 1 years running costs it will be £10,000 we have so far raised £7,000. The set up costs are for furniture, security, painting and seting up costs.