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Indigenous Youth Web Platform

To create and promote an interactive web platform where indigenous youth in Tanzania and Mexico can explore their values, learn action research skills, share information about their culture and heritage, discuss the challenges they face, and help one another to find solutions.

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Indigenous youth worldwide are facing an identity crisis, trapped between their cultural heritage and the pressures of globalisation. This often leads to higher-than-average rates of alcohol and drug abuse, mental health problems and suicide. The disconnection of indigenous youth from their environment often means that community elders die without passing on their knowledge to younger generations, resulting in the loss of valuable information, such as how to use life-saving medicinal plants.


The project will bridge the 'traditional' and 'modern' by using 21st-century information technologies to document and preserve cultural heritage in Tanzania and Mexico. The use of the web platform to share problems will reduce the sense of isolation felt by indigenous youth, and enable innovative solutions to be shared between different communities. Focusing on values will boost self-esteem and confidence, showing the youth that they have the ability to change their societies for the better.