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Playhouse 50:50

2013 is the 50th birthday of the iconic Nottingham Playhouse building. Through our 50:50 appeal we plan to give away at least 50 free tickets for 50 performances throughout the year, to people whose social & economic circumstances mean that going to the theatre is not ordinarily possible.

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It ran from 12:13 PM, 15 April 2009 to 7:01 PM, 8 December 2014

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There are too many people locally whose social and economic circumstances mean that they are missing out on cultural events and the joy of live theatre. GMB’s unemployment figures published in 2011 show that Nottingham city has an unemployment rate of 14.8%, compared to a national rate of 7.8% - the highest in the East Midlands. According to the 2010 Index of Deprivation, Nottingham has 19 Super Output Areas which are among the 5% most deprived in England (roughly 10% of the city).


We aim to give important access to the performing arts to people who may not ordinarily be able to afford it - giving away 50 free tickets at 50 performances throughout 2013. Research has shown that involvement in the arts can build resilience, self-esteem and personal well-being. We aim to give even more people - of all ages and backgrounds - important introductions to the joy of live theatre.