Bega kwa Bega Uganda Orphans

Demonstration Farm

We are setting up a Demonstration Farm for orphans and their carers to learn about sustainable, organic methods of growing food, teching nutrition and methods of cooking different foods.

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80% of Ugandans are farmers, though their piece of land may be what in this country we would describe as a small garden. Land is dwindling, buildings are growing, large numbers of children cannot be sustained on the land they have which is fast becoming tired. A demonstration farm will teach: Intensive high yield farming, Staggered planting, Rotation of crops, Composting, Muching, Soil erosion control, Natural pesticides, Water conservation, Rainwaater collection, Irrigation, Medicinal plants, Reforestration, Animal husbandry, Nutrition and health, Food preparation, Food processing (jams, sauces, spices, juices) Planing & managing home farms, School gardens, Selling produce . . . We have been given land (the most expensive item) and already have this cleared and planted with crops. The rains have been kind and we are selling produce to pay for the manager's salary. We will also obtain funds by showing people round, and fees for courses where possible. The brick buildings (office/storage) earth closets, a dormitory, and equipment needed (mainly tools, plants and animals) need funds. We calculate these will cost in the region of £20,000