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A real night at the museum

To give children from deprived areas, who might not get to go to museums very often, the chance to enjoy a museum. They will spend the night at the museum, try all the interactive exhibits and games, tell ghost stories, watch a film and enjoy the atmosphere of a museum at night.

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Even in Alnwick, which is awash with museums and historical attractions, there are many children who have never visited their local museum. This is especially the case on the local estates. This situation exists right across the county, with the city of Newcastle having a similar situation. Part of the problem is that the kids are 'too cool' to go to a museum. Another aspect is that they just might not get the chance to go with their parents for a variety of reasons. The Bailiffgate Museum recently ran a highly successful pilot of this project with the children from a local youth group. Many had not been to the museum before but they thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to spend the night at the museum. The children were aged between 9 and 13. We would like to be able to offer more of these events to groups from the local area and as far away as Newcastle and Berwick. The end goal of the project was that over the course of the year, ten groups ranging from school after school clubs, youth groups and social project groups would visit the museum to spend the night. They would have an enjoyable night where the got the chance to enjoy a museum in a way that perhaps they didn’t realise was possible. The deal outcome would be that these children developed a taste for visiting museums that lasted a lifetime. The pilot we ran cost around £700 in total although around £400 of this was for the staffing costs and was donated by the museum and by the local council. The Museum would continue to give the project development managers time free of charge but we would have to cover the costs of the council staff member. We would also like to be able to provide the transport costs for the groups which amount to around £200 - £300. Thus each night could be run at a cost of around £1000, though this may dip as low as £800. Any money saved from one night would be used to pay for an extra one later on.