11th Stafford Scouts

Trailer and Towing vehicle to go to Camp!

We would like to purchase an enclosed trailer and a towing vehicle to get us out and about more.

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We are a no-home-of-our-own scout group, who rely on a school giving us space for meetings. Often we find it double booked and we have no meeting for the night. If we had a towing vehicle of sufficient size we could get out more and do more activies, especially on those nights where the school is booked. We would also like to go on more weekend activities, and this is where we need the trailer and vehicle to take all of our kit - we cant rely on parents and other people being able to donate their own vehicles to take us on 200 mile round trips - and then pick us up again! (We managed to get the bailifs to take us on our last camp!) We can get an enclosed trailer for £3500 (a good size one) and we are looking at a second hand 9 seater land rover for around £5000. We have already raised some money, but are a long way off target yet! Running costs can be bore by camp fees as well as additional fundraising on a on-going basis.