The Online/Telephone Support System (OTSS)

The ending of the systematic institutionalisation of disadvantaged children in the former Soviet-bloc countries takes time and resources. The OTSS will provide direct support from the UK to teams on the ground in our countries of operation, which are undertaking de-institutionalisation, providing technical support in areas such as project management, policy development, inclusive education and therapeutic services for disabled children.

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Children living in large residential institutions are suffering now because of a lack of trained providers of children’s services, such as social workers, care workers, physiotherapists, health visitors and speech therapists. The OTSS can provide remote, low cost, high quality training on a one-to-one basis for a range of specialists in the field, which will enable the de-institutionalisation process to progress to a point where all such institutions close and children are placed in family-based care appropriate to their needs. Total cost of the project for one year, including start-up costs, is £58,666, of which start-up costs total £17,000.