The House on the Corner Community Project

Childrens Play Therapy

To bring stability and cohesion into family life for those homes where children have emotional/behavioural problems. Play Therapy uses a variety of play and creative arts methods to address chronic, moderate and serious psychological and emotional conditions in children. By working in the community with local schools, children’s centres and health clinics etc, we are tackling a social need and making differences to the lives of people in our community especially families with single parents (many teenage) who have children who are continually misbehaving and missing school or being disruptive in classes. By addressing these issues we are bringing stability into the social structure of families and the communities where they live by tackling the causes of the problems rather than dealing with the symptoms. By also offering help to parents by running parenting classes and counselling for adults of all ages we cater for the needs of the whole family. Helping parents especially those who are single to seek training and employment without being continually sidetracked by disrupting behaviour from their children.

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To provide training and supervision to a volunteer with the aim to offer employment to meet the increasing demands from our local schools etc, to help children with behavioural and emotional problems to allow them to integrate more fully into family and academic life without causing disruption to other pupils and family members, so bringing stability into otherwise uncontrolled situations and improving family relationships. By extending the work of the Play Therapists we will be increasing our involvement with the local community by working more closely with the local children’s centres, local schools and family centres. By working in partnership with other local organisation we will be able to increase the effectiveness of our organisation in meeting the needs of this socially deprived community with an exceptionally high level of unemployment, low incomes, and a large proportion of single/teenage parents. By also involving parents in parenting classes we will be able to increase their parenting skills and bring stability into otherwise delicate family relationships.