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To give the opportunity to children and young people of parents who are living apart to talk through the family situation and help them to say what they need; to give their parents the opportunity to talk over how best to meet their children's needs in a cooperative way.

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Children of separated parents face real challenges. The National Office of Statistics tells us that 50% of the nation’s children will experience their parents’ separation by the age of 16. These children have a higher probability of growing up in households with lower income, poorer housing and greater financial hardship, leaving school with fewer educational qualifications, experiencing low pay and unemployment as adults, withdrawn behaviour, aggression and delinquency, health problems and depression. Children of separated parents are thus vulnerable children and are at risk if adults close to them cannot support their healthy adjustment. OFM helps children by: supporting their parents through mediation and keeping children out of any conflict between them; talking to children and helping them articulate their needs to parents; training teachers; delivering workshops to children in schools; running workshops for separated parents to help them work out how best to support their children. We work with around 900 parents per year, and we would like, this coming year, to see around 100 children. To sustain this work we need to raise £40,000 per year from charitable donations.