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The Reading Quest Ten Thousand Project

Reading Quest has a 13-year track record in Oxfordshire. We aim to expand the work so that many more children benefit nationally. Our target is to help 10,000 struggling young readers across the UK by 2013.

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One in five boys and one in ten girls leaves primary school unable to function at secondary level due to their poor reading skills. Who cares? We do. Life can be really hard if you can’t read: passing exams, finding a job or coping in society. This affects us all. •Illiteracy is costing businesses and the UK taxpayer £10 billion a year. •One in five adults in Britain is ‘functionally illiterate’. •The UK ranks 20th out of 23 in a league table of child poverty in wealthier countries (UNICEF). Reading Quest was set up to give every child an equal chance, through reading, to think, write and enjoy learning. We do this by training tutors, by courses of daily one-to-one tutorials and by welcoming the involvement of parents and carers in their child’s quest. Our vision is to extend our work to areas of need beyond Oxfordshire. Training dates are set for pilot projects in London, Manchester and Bristol later in the year. A grant from the Mercers' Company for the London Project will enable expansion into this key strategic area. By 2013, with your help, Reading Quest aims to have reached at least 10,000 more children across 1500 schools. Timeline for setup of each regional hub: 1-3 months: Promotion - events, discussion meetings 3-6 months: Recruitment - recruit regional director, establish hub 6-9 months: Develop infrastructure - recruit and induct core tutor team 9-12 months: Assess, celebrate and extend the work Budget: £1,570,000 Delivery of tutorials @ £382 per child (contributions from schools already deducted) £473,327 Infrastructure costs plus regional development capital Total cost = £2,043,327