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Establish 7 Prison Yoga and Meditation Workshops

A key part of the PPT’s work is running yoga and meditation workshops in prisons around the UK and Ireland. This project is to set up a weekly class and establish a qualified yoga teacher in the prison.

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It ran from 11:08 AM, 4 December 2015 to 11:08 AM, 4 December 2015

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We often receive requests from prisons to establish a regular yoga class for inmates and/or staff. In 2008 we ran 40 prison workshops, which helped establish eight new classes; several more new classes are currently in the pipeline. We take in a qualified local yoga teacher who can observe a prison class for the first time, and meet the prison staff who can carry out a suitability interview with them there and then. The workshop is often enough to motivate prisoners to take up a practice in their cells, even before a class has been set up. There is a large amount of work involved establishing a class in prison. This includes finding a suitable yoga teacher (we have over 500 qualified potential yoga teachers on our records) and ensuring they are trained to teach yoga in a prison environment. We have to liase with senior members of prison staff to investigate how the class can fit into the prison regime, as well as briefing them on the benefits of the practice for inmates and staff. Once the class is established, we provide ongoing support for the yoga teacher and the people who attend the class. Budget to set up and run 7 prison workshops: Staff time/costs £3395 Share of overheads £1498 Total £4900