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Training Teachers and Children in Creative Relaxation and Emotional Literacy

We want to roll-out the successful work we have done in Redbridge Local Authority with teachers - see so that all schools across London can benefit from this training in Creative relaxation.

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Teaching is one of the most stressful professions but they are being asked to deliver emotional literacy programmes, but they have very little support in regulating their own anxiety and stress in what is one of the most stressful professions. In addition Government sponsored emotitional literacy programmes for children emphasise the importance of relaxation, but do not provide solutions to help schools achieve results. To meet this need, Girasol has run a very successful pilot programme with Redbridge LA in Nov 08. This involved 27 teachers from 8 schools. This was independently evaluated and levels of stress and anxiety were significantly reduced after the training and teachers showed a high level of interest in using the techniques within the classroom with pupils. We now want to pilot a 'whole-school' 360 degree approach to Creative Relaxation within a small number of carefully selected schools by training teachers, pupils and some parents. We believe this model could then be rolled out to every school in Redbridge to improve staff well-being, pupil behaviour and potentially over all school performance. We believe that by using Redbridge as a test- bed, we can establish a programme that can rolled out to other Local Authorities and could have national significance in supporting existing emotional literacy programmes. We have a funding propsal document available to send to potential donors which outlines the costs for our development work (£133K) for the next year.