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The purchase of our yacht

Sea Sanctuary has the full backing of many organisations (including the NHS) for its pioneering work into the provision of mental health care, operating from a unique platform. This platform (a 43 ft classic wooden yacht) needs to be purchased to faciliate our growth. Please help us to support the most vulnerable members of society.

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  • Children (3-18)Children (3-18)
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  • Young People (18-30)Young People (18-30)
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We have within the UK an enormous problem - we do not properly support children, young people and adults with matters relating to mental ill health. Children and young people are being overlooked resulting in a substantial increase in the numbers of children and young people presenting with (for example) deliberate self-harm, depression and anxiety. Self-harm alone is on the increase with some 98,000 admissions during 2007/08, the youngest being just six years of age. Sea Sanctuary CAN make a difference as we deliver education on this subject, offering hope and purpose to many young people. As a service having been researched for over two years, Sea Sanctuary has never been more needed than now. We will use existing treatments and provide them in a unique setting (at sea) on-board a classic yacht. This enhanced environment is perfect as it will improve the experience, improve learning whilst promoting good mental health. The sea has, afterall, many years of experience at providing a natural calming influence. Our yacht will cost in the region of £65,000 to purchase and our annual running costs are approximately £85,000. We have a caring and dedicated team, most of whom are healthcare professionals with the knowledge, determination and passion to make a difference. Please see for more information. Thank you.