Bacton-on-Sea Village Hall

A Greener Community

Reducing the carbon footprint of the hall and our community by introducing renewable energy sources - photovoltaic panels or/and a wind turbine.

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We are a small, rural community seeking to improve our well-used village hall by introducing a renewble energy source(s) to cover our annual use of electricity. The project is one of the goals we have identified in our Environmental Policy and we hope it may also serve as a 'beacon' project for other local communities, as well as an example for anyone managing energy use in a building, be it community, public or private. The hall has been extended, extensively refurbished and insulated in 2006-07. We have worked with a renewable energy consultant, partly funded by a CSEP development grant to produce a report and enable us to select the sources most appropriate for our needs. We are aiming for 63 m sq. of photovoltaic panels to be mounted on our south facing roof of the hall,to enable us to produce some 7000 kWh of electricity annually during an approx. 25 year lifetime of the system. Additionally, a small wind turbine, Evance 9000, to produce another 10000kWh p.a. This will not only cover our own supply, but enable us to feed back into the grid, thus creating additional community benefit from added economic sustainability. The total project cost incl. 5% VAT is £74.000, o which we are contributing £ 10.000 of own funds. Planning application has been submitted April 2010 and we have been adviced that the outcome will be known by June 10th 2010.