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Since the earthquake in 2004, Picture People has provided cameras and training to the people of Bam, encouraging people’s desire for self expression and for a better life. Over the past 5 years, we have given over 500 cameras and run workshops for 150 people; to men, women and children. The outcome of these workshops is an archive of over 300 images; a visual journey from the days after the earthquake to now. The images, made by the people of Bam, and coupled with their testimonies, form a unique, visual and textual document to the aftermath of the tragedy. It is an outstanding creative archive, whose legacy, we feel, must be preserved for future generations.

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2009 marks 5 years of Picture People’s involvement in Bam and this anniversary instigates the need to encapsulate the photographs, stories and narratives into a book, a photographic account of the lives of those who survived. With the aim to launch the book by the end of 2009, Picture People must now raise a minimum of £40,000 to cover the costs of the publication, launch and traveling exhibition. In order to raise this amount, we invite people to buy £4,000 shares of the book, in exchange for 100 copies of the finished book. Donors will be warmly acknowledged in the final product. The archive will be donated to relevant Iranian institutions, such as Tehran University, as well as the recently established vocational girls school, the Popli Khalatbari School, in Bam. Free copies of the book will be distributed to the people of Bam who have been a part of the project and the process. The Bam Project has been an unique experience for all those involved and has been the only longitundinal project of its kind in Iran. Although there is still a long way to go before Bam is rebuilt, it remains a special place, where despite the hardship they have faced, people strive to achieve their hopes, dreams and aspirations. And by giving voice to these people, whose lives have been touched by tragedy, The Bam Project has contributed to the rebuilding process.