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Gaza Proverb Project

Picture People is a UK charity that provides avenues and outlets to assist in people’s creative capacity for coming to terms with immediate life in post disaster situations. The theme of this project is ‘everyday sayings and proverbs’, and our task is to help teenagers in Gaza visualize these sayings into short picture stories, giving them a sense of authorship, pride and achievement, in addition to focusing on creativity and imagination, in order to come to terms with the past, present and immediate future.

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Proverbs are popular in the Arab world, using them to describe a basic hello, or the worst things that can happen. Palestine is a land of metaphor, and proverb. The words used by people to describe their everyday life have become shrouded in emotion – hope, desire, despair, fear, optimism, pessimism, hatred and love. The key objective of this project is to establish an atmosphere of creativity and expression, that focuses the imagination of teenagers, in order for them to produce visual material that a) advocates their own situation, b) facilitates a healing process in immediate post conflict situation and c) helps them produce tangible audio-visual material that speaks of positivity, as opposed to intense hatred. Their generation is crucial to the conclusion of peace in the region. Working with upto 10 people in a group, this project begins with defining the meanings of several proverbs. Visualing how to construct these sayings into short sequences of still images and overlaying sound and/or text, we touch at the central core of their imagination. Together, we bring out varied descriptions from the saying, and develop co-operative processes to piece together, as a group, a series of short visual tales that will certainly have resonation beyond The Gaza Strip. This project combines imagination, translation and visual experimentation. And basing this on the platform of popular sayings, humanizes the suffering of war purely because every culture, every nation and every person has a proverb or saying within them. And it resonates with many different viewers because it is based on the creative visions of ordinary teenagers in one of the most difficult and dangerous places on earth. In short it builds their capacity to be witness, story teller and advocator of a better life for all the people involved in this conflict