Stroud Court Community Trust

A Better Future for Adults with Autism

The project will replace our current residential units with a low arousal accommodation known to have a lasting and transformational effect on the lives of adults with autism, reducing challenging behaviour and liberating them from the high levels of stress and anxiety which they live with daily.

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It is known that self harm and challenging behaviour can be provoked by a poor physical environment. Although we make the best of what we have, our residential units are restrictive, poorly designed and out of date. Many of our residents are facing age related disability. The current provision will not meet their changing needs, requiring them leave their homes, move away from people who know and understand them and into an institutional setting.


The project will transform our provision into an evidence based specialist centre. Residents will live in a calm distraction free environment that is predictable and clearly structured, giving the opportunity to engage and interact with others if they feel able and participate in activities that interest them. Practical measures will be included such a wide doors for wheelchairs and a lift, to enable residents to live independently and remain in their home for as long as possible.