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Given an environment rich in manipulatives....students will love to learn.....students will learn and learn. Educators all over the world are convincced that the best way for children to learn science and math is for them to experience these subjects as processes of rational inquiry and creative play. Education ministries of all African governments advocate for a practical and hands-on approach to teaching and learning science and math. Unfortunately this advocacy has not been accompanied by the development of a curriculum to guide students and teachers until NOW! Tops Learning Systems has developed a 100 hands-on science and math activity lesson that show children the everyday nature of science and math in our lives. We need your support to disseminate this new programm in all schools in Africa through a dedicated science centre for children in Accra, Ghana. This centre will offer innovative ways to stimulate curiosity in science and math among children from infancy, actively promote their participation in these subjects and serve as a community think tank in generating interest in science and math among children in Africa.

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Schools in many developing countries lack the resources - laboratories, equipment and relevant materials- they need to effectively engage children in quality science and math programmes. This has resulted in more than 1 in15 young people in Africa entering senior secondary schools not selecting to study science and math. Presently there is a world wide concern about the steady decline in the number of young people interested in studying science and math to higher levels. In this modern world where science literacy is a beacon for progress, this situation is very bad for Africa. No equipment, not many trained teachers, no innovative science programs are some of the reasons many young people give for not being interested in studying science and math to higher levels. The lack of serious role models in the field of science and mathematics to inspire children and young people is another big concern. Tops Learning Systems has developed answers to these concerns. We conducted science, math and technology clinics for children and young people in deprived areas of Accra to let them see the easy, fun and everyday nature of science and math. The project demonstrated that attendance at clinics improved children, especially girl’s self-confidence and ability to participate actively in science lessons. We used the experience gained on this project to develop this new program that is turning children and young people to science and math in their numbers. Fun, hands-on and interesting science and math activity lessons that depend on suitable low cost materials found in any home anywhere in the world - paper clips, office pin, thread, aluminium foil, masking tape, and a lot others. We want to share our new found knowledge with the world. We are kindly appealing to you to help and support us in disseminating this new learning program to all schools Ghana and later Africa. All educationists we come across tell us that this is what Africa needs to revolutionarise its science and math teaching and learning. No need for laboratories - classrooms with tables and chairs are enough. Local materials and self-guided instructional manuals with diagrams to guide children. Ghana and for that matter Africa is in dire need of professionals such as doctors, engineers, nurses, technicians, etc. to deliver her out of the poverty, disease and ignorance the country finds itself. This can only happen if our children embrace science and math and love to study them to higher levels. Please help us to establish this science resource centre for children in Accra, Ghana from where we will reach out to schools, educationists, NGO's and all other relevant organisations interested in promoting hands-on science and math teaching and learning in Africa. From this centre we will positively portray science and math to all children as easy and relevant subjects thay can easily study. The building for this centre is completed. The funds raised on The Big Give site will be used to make the centre functional by equipping it with work stations, furniture and fittings, science and technology library, audio visuals, IT equipment and more hands-on activity lessons for children and teachers. Project Costs £35,000.00