The Catherine Bullen Foundation

Construction of Canteen/Kitchen for the Omuhaturua School Hostel

The construction of a building to provide canteen and kitchen facilities which would double as a recreation area. Facilities would include: a) Area for food storage. b) Food preparation surfaces c) Wood burning cooking stoves designed to take the large pots. d) Sinks for washing. e) Storage area for utensils and cutlery. f) Quiet room for study and school staff meetings. g) The canteen will be equipped with stacking tables and chairs for easy storage to allow the area to be utilised as a recreational area for boarders and when required for the community of Otjimanagombe

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  • Children (3-18)Children (3-18)
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The boarders receive three meals a day consisting of maize porridge supplied under the Ministry of Education Namibian School Feeding Programme. This is sometimes supplemented by meat from the village and vegetables from the school garden. The meals are cooked on an open fire in large pots housed under an open sided shelter. As well as being open to the elements, domestic animals and livestock wander around the pots and the area where the food is consumed. At meal times the children are served porridge from the pots into a bowl which is consumed by squatting on the ground and eating with their fingers. Afterwards, each pupil washes their bowl in a communal tin bath. This is a very unhygienic situation and also does not lend itself to teaching pupils social skills such as using cutlery and the disciplines of eating at a table. Project Management and budget. The Catherine Bullen Foundation works very closely with the Komeho Namibia Development Agency, a non governmental organisation, who have been their partner in Namibia for the last six years. They will be responsible for the administration of the project on the ground. The cost of the Project is estimated at £63,000 with the Foundation having currently raised £30,000 towards this total. Loose fitting and equipment are estimated at a further £5,000.