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To provide a free and confidential service to workers and their families on rights at work. People in low paid work are often inelligble for legal funding to help them access advice free of charge nor able to afford to pay for advice.

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PERS proposes to open up its telephone helpline service to all workers, to provide easy to access free advice to their employment queries. This will support individuals to establish their rights at work, challenge unfair treatment constructively in order tp help them acheieve a win-win situation with their employers. PERS has provided this service successfully over the last 22 years but current funding streams mean that low paid workers are finding it increasingly difficult to access good quality free advice. PERS current funding enables us to support voluntary sector organisations and workers in various WY locations, but we are no longer funded to provide advice to private sector employees despite the high levels of need. PERS requires approx £50k pa to provide this service accross WY or £100k pa to provide a national service. However, all donations are greatfully received and we are open to discussing how this can be put to best use with donors.