DRUM (Disability Recreation Unity Movement)

DRUMWORKS **£50 - £5,000** Any donations, however small, are greatly appreciated

DRUM is a small regiestered charity, based in Watford, providing day services and support to adults with physical and/or sensory disabilities and their carers living in Hertfordshire. 'DRUMWORKS' Art activities and projects for adults with physical and/or sensory disabilities. How can you help us? We require donations to help us pay towards tuition fees, art equipment & materials.

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The majority of our members were not born disabled. Most had led very active and ‘normal’ lives up until there disability or illness. Most arrive at DRUM feeling isolated, lonely & depressed. Many have felt confused, not knowing which way to turn after leaving hospital or as their condition worsens. Most do not feel ready to attend a ‘day centre’ but there are very few alternatives, especially in this area. DRUM is different, there is only one DRUM! We are open from 9am-3pm on a Mon, Tue, Fri & Sat in Watford, with an outreach project on a Wednesday in North Bushey. Tutors are employed to deliver two activity sessions per day & activities include a two hour art session every morning. Sessions include:- painting, charcoal, pastels, textiles, creative crafts, papier-mache & ceramics. Our art projects provide an opportunity for members to learn & develop new skills, regain independence, raise awareness & help our members express their condition of disability through art, exploring, sharing & breaking down barriers. Working together as a group, or with other community groups, gives everyone a sense of ‘togetherness’. Our members take great pride in displaying their achievements through our public art exhibitions. Art can help to bring communities closer together, extend creative opportunity to many people in many places, & enhance personal pride & a sense of belonging. Our public art exhibitions help promote the work of DRUM, the disabled artists & help promote the voluntary/community sector working within Watford. ‘DRUMWORKS’ We have various art projects planned for 2009/2010:- PASSAGE TO INDIA PROJECT Following the enormous success of our last project ‘ARTefacts’, inspired by Aboriginal art, members are currently working on a new project inspired by India. Members have researched information on India, its traditions, people, faiths & culture through the media, TV, through books & internet. Various workshops planned include informative talks with local groups, henna hand art, Bollywood dance display etc. Members’ art work will include paintings, textiles & ceramic pieces, along with a new papier-mache project, to create a giant decorated elephant! Public exhibitions are planned from June 2009. BEST OF BRITISH PROJECT We will be looking at British artists like John Constable & Henry Moore, ‘Pop Art’ by Peter Blake, Patrick Caulfield & David Hockney. British music & film industry, local heritage & history. This project will start in June 2009 & will be exhibited later this year. IMPARTIAL DISABILITY AWARENESS WORKSHOPS Workshops & projects are planned with local schools, youth groups & colleges. Children/young adults will work with our disabled members on various art projects throughout 2009/10, raising awareness of disability & breaking down barriers with young people. These workshops/projects enable children & young adults to experience disability through fun & creative activities. FUNDING Funding is required to help us pay for tuition, art equipment & materials. DRUM recieves core funding from Hertfordshire Adult Care Services which enables us to employ a small team of 7 part time staff. All other funding, rent, administration, transport, tuition, equipment & art materials are funded through small grant applications, donations, fundraising and members fees. DRUM members pay an annual membership of £25 and daily attendance fee of £5. Tuition Fees - £6,000 Art Materials - £2,000 Art Equipment £1,000