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Ghost Dances Production Appeal

Please help us restage Ghost Dances in our 90th anniversary year.

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It ran from 7:01 PM, 27 April 2016 to 1:34 PM, 4 May 2018

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Ghost Dances was created for Rambert in 1981 by Christopher Bruce and is one of Rambert's most popular and enduring works. Rambert’s production budgets are carefully planned to make best use of the resources available. Whilst the choreography, design and music already exist for Ghost Dances the costs of a revival are still considerable as we need to make new costumes, buy or hire South American instruments and refurbish sets and props.


Help Rambert make best use of the production budget in 2016 by making a donation to the Ghost Dances Production Appeal. Whether your money is used to support the costs of re-creating the iconic ghost masks, the costs of buying or hiring rare South American instruments or the shawls worn by the dead you will be able to see the result of your donation in action on stage across the UK.