Macmillan Caring Locally

Macmillan Caring Locally Film Project

To enable us to communicate clearly our Brand, our promise to our supporters, we would like to produce a short film about Macmillan Caring Locally and the good work it does.

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It ran from 11:19 AM, 11 November 2011 to 11:22 AM, 28 January 2013

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Film is an emotive media. It delivers a message clearly and succintly. We go out into the local community to talk about Macmillan Caring Locally and the work that is done at the Macmillan Unit. However professional and entertaining our speakers are; a short film will always deliver a clear message, and compliment what our representatives are presenting. A short film on disk, or downloadable from a web site is also far easier to send out to supporters who may not be in our local area, In short, as part of our marketing strategy, a short film will increase our exposure and generate new funds for Macmillan Caring Locally. It is estimated that the cost of producing a short film would be £5,000.