Forest Of Dean Sea Cadets

Boat Station

The Forest Of Dean Sea Cadets are situated in the town centre, we have been offered to have a "Boat House" located in Lydney harbour. This would give us a base to undertake boating activities in the harbour.

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The Sea Cadets are currently situated in Naas Lane, Lydney. A good central location for the unit, albeit land based. This precludes the cadets from taking part in water based boating activities, the current location means recruiting is good but waterborne activity participation is low. There is a possiblity of siting a temporary building such as a porta cabin or container at the Lydney yacht club which would give the cadets a base to go boating from. There is also the cost of buying the necessary boats (around £2000 each) and the berthing facilities for the boats. If the facilities are set up this will allow the cadets to gain qualifications in rowing.