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Young Carers Support Project

The project is for vulnerable and disadvantaged Young Carers. The aim is to provide a Carers-centred environment, which will enable young carers integrate into the Community and enable them to cope with the challenges of care, and improve their quality of life.

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It ran from 12:37 AM, 23 August 2011 to 12:37 AM, 23 August 2011

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  • Community Support & DevelopmentCommunity Support & Development
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  • Children (3-18)Children (3-18)
  • Young People (18-30)Young People (18-30)



The Need: Young Carers (11-18) are young people with caring responsibilities, (i.e. taking care of a parent, sibling, or relatives, who have some form of illness or disabilities; and in some cases, complement the care duties of their parent). These young carers lack the experience and knowledge to take care of people at that tender age, when they themselves need support. They also find it difficult to integrate into schools or access community activities, form relationship and talk about their emotional problems or trauma with friends or other people. Some of them sometimes do not perform well or excluded from school, because 1) they could not attend school regularly, 2) some could not do their school work or assignments on time, 3) some of them are aggressive as a result of the stress and trauma they are going through, 4) they lack the time to play with friends 5) some have conflict between their personal needs and the needs of the person they care for and sometimes they struggle to find their own identity. Besides, these children are vulnerable to fall victim of abuse, bullying, adverse peer groups and neglect if proper intervention is not put in place. The Objectives a) to provide different respite activities that will give the young carers the ability to integrate, access community facilities and partake in activities b) to provide one to one mentoring and counselling to young carers to have self confidence c) to empower and build confidence in the young carers d) to provide training to carers to help them in their caring role and in the community; and also helping young carers in their performance in the school. e) to provide necessary information and awareness about young carers’ individual problems f) to provide different activities and support to carers to help them work as a team, support one another and relate with other people in the community g) to provide information and support to the community, schools, organisation, statutory bodies etc about carers’ project network h) to provide information to families of young carers about the relieve and attention the project will give to their children and the knowledge and experience they will gain. Project Activities The project will be working with 200 young carers in the Community and will deliver a range of services for young Carers Mon - Fri (10am-5.00pm & 6.00 -9.00) and Sat (10am-4pm). The activities include: a. Providing Respite such as, i) Weekly Club Nights - Thu 6.30-9.30, ii) Residential Breaks - During Summer, iii) Day Out - 8.00am-5.00pm Every other month; b. Organising Workshops & Seminars (to empower young carers for their caring roles) - Young carers - Once a month – 2-3hrs; (e.g. Mental Health awareness, dementia etc.) – Sat 10.00am-1.00pm c. Mentoring - Tue & Wed 9am-5pm; d. Advocating and raising carers awareness - Thu 9am-5pm; e. Life Skills Training Activities for young carers (e.g. Cookery; Art & Craft; Dance and Drama; ICT etc) - (Sat 10am-4pm); f. Organising Social and Outing Events - Young carers to Library, Museum, Park etc - Every other month; g. Cyber Café (ICT) Activities for Young Carers to link up with other young carers groups - Wed & Fri 4pm-5.00pm h. Organising Carers Focus Group or Forum, (to work together and support each other on issues affecting their lives) - Mon 4.00pm-7.00pm Once a Month; Outcomes The present project will have positive impact on the young carers and the community because at the end of each year, 1. Over 100 young carers will have self-confidence and ability to integrate, access Community facilities and partake in activities. 2. Over 100 young carers will have identified, developed and used their skills within their homes and the Community with all enthusiasm instead of engaging in antisocial behaviours, which could lead to exclusion from school; 3. Over 100 young carers would understand and have increased awareness and information about their individual problems; 4. Over 100 young carers would understand one another, work as a team, support one another, reduce social isolation and know how to deal with their problems and relate with other people within their school and community; 5. Over 100 would link with Young Carers through the use of Internet facilities. 6. The Community will also benefit in the activities of the young people, since 50% of families with carers, Schools and carers within the Community will report to have had access to information on Young Carers Support Project through the Young Carers Centres, Young Carers Forum, and link service work with other organisations as Carers Action Network. Project Cost: The project will cost £62,262.00 for one year and the organisation is requesting for £31,262.00.