Be Heard self and peer advocacy group for learning disabled adults

Creation of a User Led Organisation for learning disabled adults in East Berkshire

OVERALL AIM: To set up a User Led Organisation (ULO), with the joint aims of increasing employment opportunities for persons with learning disabilities, and increasing awareness and use of local voluntary services. The 2005 “Improving the Life Chances of Disabled People” report states that “ by 2010, each locality should have a user-led organisation” though this is not a reality.

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--ACTIVITIES and LOCATIONS: The proposed ULO would be a organisation that is run by users, and gives 1) information and advice, 2) advocacy and peer support, 3)help with budgeting, 4)support in terms of finding carers, 5)disability equality training, and promotes implementation of the Disability Equality Duty by public sector organisations in the locality. Bracknell Forest Borough Council does not currently have such an organisation, though their development in other localities has shown very positive impact. We propose to begin the process of linking local user groups, voluntary, and council services through a user-led information service in Bracknell. --HOW FUNDS WILL BE SPENT: Be Heard is asking for 105,928 GBP to create and run this ULO for three years. Funds will be allocated as follows: -Single, capital cost of 1000GBP for a desktop computer, phone, table and chairs x2, shelf for information materials at the information hub -Administration of ULO: Hire of one full time employee to support members, liase with local newspapers and council and oversee finance: 20,000GBP per year -Salary for workers: Employment of learning disabled adults to signpost and distribute information about local services: 6 work days, or 48 working hours at £6 /hour (divided into 12 people employed for 1/2 day each)=14,976 GBP per year