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Skills Rising will facilitate the transfer of practical skills for sustainability by promoting re-skilling as the positive, personal response to tougher times, and providing easy access to skills provision. The exciting, yet straightforward website will list existing courses and informal learning opportunities, and inspire people to create new ones through showcasing practical sustainability at its best. By being honest about the size of the challenges whilst being clearly practical, the website will communicate a sense of constructive urgency. We will feature intensely practical and seasonal advice on what you can do, examples of people already doing it for themselves, and provide clear pathways of how to get the key skills you are lacking. Our promotional strategy and cutting edge website design will bring people to the site, and from there to the people who can directly assist them to raise their skill level and their confidence. Rather that reinvent the wheel, this project is designed to celebrate and support the many positive things that people are already doing, and provide impetus to the movement.

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Uncertain times ahead mean that we urgently need to shift from a culture where you are valued for what you can consume, to one where you are valued for what you can produce. The website will provide a search function which provides clear pathways to gaining informal local learning, short courses, residential volunteer opportunities and apprenticeships in practical skills for sustainability. The project will: * showcase sustainable skills and lifestyles as attractive * inspire people to offer to share their skillls with others * foster a culture of can do optimism around practical sustainability * provide unemployed and underemployed individuals with clear routes to enhance their skills * boost the number of people attending short courses and learning skills for sustainability *build the resilience of communities across Britain by creating collaborative learning relationships. By listing all the multitude of fantastic opportunities in one place, everything from urban food production, to sustainable wood extraction, bicycle maintenance to pickling and preserving, we will demonstrate that there is a large movement people getting on with living more sustainably. By showcasing examples of people doing it for themselves, the website will show that sustainable living is not just an answer to difficult times, but also a path to personal fulfillment. Our shoestring, ‘small is beautiful’ budget for the first year of this project is as follows: - Item Cost Website design £10,225 Project co-coordinator £23,100 Full time website manager £23,100 Travel £4,000 Admin support and overheads £15,000 Volunteer expenses and training £10,000 Total £85,425 Any extra funds will be used to provide bursaries in for skill learning in key areas. Our experience of partnership working with many organisations and individuals means that Common Ground is uniquely placed to promote the myriad of opportunities in the UK for building a more sustainable society.