Encourage women from BME communities and disadvantaged backgrounds to participate in vocational training and educational activities to boost their self-confidence, communication skills, and improve their chance for employment. We also aim to encourage women to adopt healthier lifestyles through yoga and keep fit sessions and increase their use of the in-house gym and sauna; and simultaneously conduct special day-long sessions focussing on healthy eating which will benefit themselves and the younger generation. The project will benefit approximately 1,500 women from the BME community and the fund will help us to increase the activities in the centre and will help contribute towards the core costs of the project.

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The project will benefit women from the BME communities who are disadvantaged by a lack of educational opportunities, economic and social capital and are leading a life style which increases their propensity towards physical and mental ill health. The primary aim is to develop the confidence and knowledge of the women in a supportive environment where learning is not seen as an additional burden but as enjoyable and informative and where the participants will also be given skills to enable them to support each other, which is the essential ingredient of Shama Women’s Centre's SHARE project. This aspect will increase the participant’s sense of belonging within a diverse community. The outcomes which relate specifically to increasing self confidence, communication, gaining lifetime skills and increasing knowledge and qualifications of BME women will help lead to employment. It will also encourage the women to have healthier lifestyles and include exercise and fitness routines within their daily life. More women will also be engaged in health and social care planning, health mentoring, and healthy eating. This grant will help us achieve our goal by disseminating the education and knowledge of good health to the participants which in turn will cascade out to the wider community. The grant will also ensure some continuity in delivery of programmes.