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The Link Foundation would like to provide basic baby essentials to very young mothers in the community, who are surviving on a low income or limited benefits . By working with the Family Nurse Partnership, the Link Foundation can access the families most in need and ensure that the mothers are provided with wipes, nappies, clothes and bedding for their new born babies as well as maternity provisions for themselves. These are such simple things that every mother should have when a baby is born but unfortunately this is not the case for these young mothers who have little or no parental support to rely on.

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The Link Foundation is dedicated to helping the Family Nurse Partnership in our local community, an initiative which supports very young girls who are pregnant or have recently had a baby. The Link Foundation endeavours to give these "children who are having children" some practical help at a very difficult time in their lives. The Foundation will provide essential baby supplies such as wipes, nappies and baby clothes as well as prams, cots and bedding, as in many cases the mothers do not have any of these items. The Foundation needs £100 per mother to purchase all of these essentials before the baby is born and often we supplement this with second hand goods donated to the charity. £5000 would allow us to help 50 young mothers and their babies in our community. Most of the mothers given assistance have little or no parental support and are usually living on very low allowances. Many of the families also live in poor accommodation and the Link Foundation gives them financial assistance to allow them to purchase kitchen utensils, furniture and carpets. Hopefully this makes a huge difference to this group of very vulnerable girls and their babies.