1st Hardwick Guide Unit

New 'Hut' for Hardwick

The village of Hardwick in Cambridgeshire is in desperate need of a new venue for Guide unit meetings. The condition of building currently being used for both Guide and the Scout meetings is declining to the extent that the continuing viability of these organisations is now under threat. The combined Guide and Scout organising committee needs to raise a minimum of £380,000 to clear the site of the existing hut and replace it with a new purpose built building that will allow these valuable organisations to continue to thrive.

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It ran from 4:48 PM, 1 September 2009 to 4:48 PM, 1 September 2009

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The 1st Hardwick Guide Unit has been providing the young people of Hardwick and surrounding villages with opportunities for learning, sports and wider social interaction for more than thirty years. Unfortunately this valuable group is under threat due to the declining condition of the fabric of the existing Scout and Guide building. This 'temporary building' is of the type often used as a temporary classroom; this building was not new when obtained by the Scouts and Guides in the late 1970s and realistically has now exceeded its maintainable life. To continue providing the current levels of activity and progress into the future the Scouting and Guiding movements of Hardwick are in desperate need of a new purpose built building in which to hold their meetings. A total of £26,000 has been raised locally and the volunteer committee that is coordinating this project has now started actively applying to national grant giving bodies to move forward from this impressive starting point. A new building would be a resource for the whole village providing a venue for other community groups and private events such as childrens' parties. Hardwick has not had such a venue since a sports pavilion was converted into a sports and social club. The new building has been planned to cause the minimum environments impact. It will be of laminated timber frame construction and will incorporate as many environmental technologies as resources will allow. It is hoped to incorporate rain water capture, a ground source heat pump, a green roof, solar hot water heating and photovoltaic cells. It is vital that the Guides and Scouts are allowed to continue providing opportunities to the young people of Hardwick. We hope you will feel able to support us making a donation to help provide the new building that is so desperately needed. For more information please visit the project web-site sites.google.com/site/hardwickscoutandguidehut/ or email us at hardwickhut@googlemail.com.