The Wayne Howard Trust

Funding to cover our general office costs

The Wayne Howard Trust is a small charity,in Southampton. It gives advice and support to victims of acquired brain injury and their families. We need funding to cover our general office costs ensuring any funds raised can be used for the benefit and progression of the Charity.

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The effects of Acquired Brain Injury on victims and their families can be devastating and lifelong. Families often feel isolated and abandoned, as well as being unaware of any benefits they might be entitled to. Bones can mend but brains cannot. An injury to the brain affects the way in which a person thinks, feels, and behaves. In most cases it is known as a ‘hidden disability’ and it affects up to 200,000 people every year.


Based on our own personal experience and the outcome of research carried out by the Charity, it has recently employed a part-time Acquired Brain Injury Co-ordinator. As well as being responsible for co-ordinating the injured individual’s care plan, rehabilitation and helping to co-ordinate all the relevant services and therapies for adults directly affected, she also provides emotional support to those affected, their families, and extended families.