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The MASH test is a fun personality test designed to help advisers working in schools, colleges and universities to deliver a fun and engaging session around student finance. By taking the MASH test, students understand their personal approach towards their Money, Academic, Social and Health, and understand the impact this will have on the future life as a higher education student. This proposal is for an online version of the popular MASH test, bringing the success of the card game into an online format.

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The Online MASH application will be a viral tool with free access on the web, enabling an unlimited number of students to build their MASH personality profile. With potentially 6000 students in the UK already taking part in the MASH test, and feedback from teachers and advisers consistently strong, there should be an opportunity for every student in UK to experience this highly engaging online application. The benefits of delivering Online MASH will reach three target groups. Students: • Students develop self awareness and understand their personal approach towards money, in relation to their money, academic, social and health. • Students are better prepared to cope with the financial challenges of being a student Advisers: • Advisers are equipped with a tool to deliver financial capability to young people • Advisers are able to engage students in the matter of finance. • The activity is online and so can be carried out remotely as part of homework UNIAID: • UNIAID have extensive experience of using online resources to help young people overcome social disadvantage. An online MASH test would compliment these interventions, and extend the reach and availability of the MASH test • Increase UNIAID’s reach with students • Generate interest about the MASH test and help meet the government’s financial capability agenda. The costs for developing online MASH are a one of cost to develop the application. Project management - £8,830 (includes scoping, phasing, liaising with suppliers, review) Project delivery - £39,310 (includes supplier costs, implementation, technical project management, student consultation, content generation) Marketing - £995 (includes distribution material, stakeholder communications, integration onto host sites) Total: £49,135