Fanconi Hope

Optimised Proton Therapy for Fanconi Anaemia

This new treatment has the potential to radically improve treatment for Fanconi Anaemia patients with cancer, but little is known about the detailed effects on FA cells. Our Study will determine how best to use this new treatment to help save many lives, since cancer for FA patients is inevitable

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Fanconi Anaemia (FA) patients cannot tolerate any significant amount of chemo or radiotherapy, so when they inevitably get cancer there is a limited amount that can be done to remove the cancers, which are predominantly head and neck and ano-genital cancers.


Proton Beam Therapy can attack cancer cells with a very narrow beam that limits the damage to surrounding healthy cells. Current radiotherapy which is like a broad torch beam, causes widespread damage to these healthy cells, so in principle Proton Therapy should be much safer. However no research has yet been done on FA cells at the biological level to see what the exact effects are or what minimum doses are still effective. Our study will determine the optimum safe treatment for FA patients.