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Staffordshire Community Foundation General Funds

With the Staffordshire Community Foundation General Funds, donations received will be split between the Foundations community funds, covering all areas of the county. No matter which area you are in, your donation will be diverted to that area's fund.

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It ran from 3:55 PM, 13 November 2011 to 11:23 AM, 14 December 2012

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  • Community Support & DevelopmentCommunity Support & Development
  • Education/Training/EmploymentEducation/Training/Employment
  • Health/WellbeingHealth/Wellbeing
  • Human Rights/AdvocacyHuman Rights/Advocacy
  • Sports/RecreationSports/Recreation




Staffordshire has thousands of voluntary groups who help the many communities that they are based in. Whether it's a playgroup, a youth club, a luncheon club or just a social group for the elderly who might otherwise be isolated, they all do an invaluable amount of work for our county. Many of these groups run on little contribution from their service users. They have been set up to help those who cannot afford to use private services and so are unable to charge a huge fee.


All donations are pooled together and invested to generate an income stream. This income is then split between the different areas of Staffordshire, dependent upon the amount of donations each area has received. Community and Voluntary groups, as well as locally based charities, can then apply to the Staffordshire Community Foundation for grants from their respective fund. Decisions will be made by a local panel, who will be aware of the many problems and difficulties facing the local area.