Southampton and Winchester Visitors Group (SWVG)


By providing destitute asylum seekers and those with special needs with room rents and £25 a week for basic food, phone and transport costs we meet the most basic needs so our clients have some security from which to pursue their asylum claims and engage with medical and support services and with the local community. We believe we are the only voluntary organisation in the South of England which provides this kind of financial assistance to destitute asylum seekers

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It ran from 8:45 PM, 16 July 2010 to 8:45 PM, 16 July 2010

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Although asylum seekers can receive some support from government while they have an active claim SWVG exists to support those who are destitute. That is, those who have had their claims refused but are pursuing well founded appeals, are seeking further evidence of their persecution, or despite a refusal have well grounded fears of returning to their home country and the government is not pursuing their removal eg Zimbabweans. Our asylum seeker clients are unable to work or receive any benefits and live in a stateless or limbo situation which can last for many years. SWVG works to reduce their isolation and promote their wellbeing through connections with legal, advice and medical services, community organisations and with English courses and voluntary work. SWVG also exists to campaign for a more just and humanitarian asylum policy in UK. Our experience with relieving destitution and isolation was recently sought by the parliamentary Independent Asylum Commission. Every £1000 we receive would provide a destitute asylum seeker a room rent of around £65 a week plus £25 a week for food and other essentials for about 11 weeks. We currently spend about £60,000 a year on these rent and subsistence payments. As a small voluntary organisation we are able to respond quickly and at low cost to client needs, and to treat all our clients as special cases.