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Building Independence and self-esteem with a 'Buddy'

A mentoring/befriending service, also called a 'buddy' scheme, will give practical assistance and support to help brain injury survivors come to terms with their injury and achieve greater independence and self-esteem.

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After leaving hospital a person with a brain injury can face many challenges in rebuilding their life. Relationships with friends and partners may break down leading to social isolation, cognitive skills such as memory and concentration may be impaired making it difficult to return to work or education, and survivors may experience mobility problems, sensory loss, epilepsy and speech and language difficulties. The objective of the project will be to set-up and support on-going, one-to-one relationships between service users and a mentor/buddy with appropriate training and support, monitoring and controls. The key to success will be building supportive relationships based upon trust, confidentiality and mutual involvement. It will be a decision for the service user whether they want a ‘mentor’, a relationship that tends to focus more on goal setting and operates within a clearly defined timeframe, or a ‘buddy’, who will develop a more informal and supportive social relationship. To run this project we need to fund a part-time administrator, training and recruitment, and cover reasonable expenses for volunteers. We need to raise £9,000 to set up and run this project for 1 year. This may not be a huge amount but it will make a huge difference to the help we can offer brain injury survivors!