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Education Outreach Centre

We need to build a new Education Outreach Centre to meet the needs of children enrolled on the Education Outreach Programme. The programme funds the children to attend school, through to higher education and employment. Currently 258 children from poor and disadvantaged families are enrolled.

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Currently the programme temporary and makeshift office / teaching and treatment spaces that are ‘borrowed’ from other parts of our operation in Vallioor. This includes dining rooms and bedrooms within our children’s homes. We have plans to develop the education programme to support the planned growth in student numbers, to supplement the children’s learning and to enhance their chances of finding good employment at the end of the process. However to to all of this we need a dedicated centre.


The new centre will be the new base for the 6 staff who run the education outreach programme and the 258 children who are currently enrolled. It will free up much needed space in our residential homes and it will allow us to grow and develop the programme, essentially so that we can offer an education to many more disadvantaged children who would otherwise have no hope of ever going to school.