Mad Medical Safari

To reach inaccessible areas on the Mangoky and Manombolo river systems, enabling the Mad Medical Safari to visit and provide medical care for remote communities.

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Rural communities located on river systems and along the coast face many challenges. With poor or no access to and from developed areas these communities are at significantly higher risk of experiencing chronic poverty. Using hovercraft to reach these communities, the Mad Medical Safari is a service that provides transportation and infrastructure enabling medical teams to visit and provide a range of corrective and preventative treatments. We have proved that this service works. Currently we visit three regions - Beroroha, Ankavandra and Anjabetrongo. Each area is visited at least once every 10 weeks for a period of up to a week, enabling patients to receive continuity of care. We want to continue to offer this service for 100,000 people that are otherwise hard to reach. Our target of £65, 157.20 will enable us to do this for another for another year. 1. Staff / Allowences £15,431.13 2. Capital £1,187.43 3. Office £1,726.76 3. Transport £5,891.82 5. Buildings £3,263.16 7. Project £37,656.90