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We want to support the very neediest Kenyan children through the schools we have built. Our Bursary Fund pays the school fees of children who are orphaned, often through HIV/AIDS, or otherwise destitute, at two of our schools. We support those children who would otherwise be overlooked completely.

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Despite major international aid and government subsidies, many Kenyan families struggle to make a "dollar a day", let alone pay the £120 needed to put their child in school for a year. On top of this, the election violence in 2007 left scores of families in our area destitute and isolated. Headmasters have to send home children who can't keep up with their fees payments, which permanently disrupts their education. To serve the whole local community, our schools need financial assistance.


Our Bursary Fund sponsors the most needy children in our area to attend several of our schools. Together with local headmasters we identify and interview the most needy families, and we then pay their school fees and in some cases supply them with uniform, equipment and stationery. When we select a student we always sponsor him or her throughout their entire time at school, so their education is guaranteed. We aim to break forever the cycle of poverty among families in our area.

  • Our Bursary Fund looks for the poorest and changes their lives.

    — Will Snell, HSK Chairman

  • Our Bursary Fund looks for the poorest and changes their lives.

    — Will Snell, HSK Chairman