Harambee Schools Kenya

Harambee Schools Kenya

To combine our extensive knowledge of education in Kenya over the last ten years with the best in modern technology, by trialling a small number of the revolutionary XO laptops at our partner primary schools in Kenya.

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HSK is keen to explore the potential for using computers in our primary schools, and Eburru would be an excellent site for a trial. We have already installed some donated desktop PCs at one of our secondary schools, with very promising results. However, we believe that laptop computers have greater potential, because of their smaller size, lower power consumption, ability to run on batteries, and the fact that they can be used in a normal classroom without the need for a dedicated IT lab, and then locked away after use. We have experimented with the use of donated second-hand laptops from the UK, but have found that they are often unreliable, run very slowly, have limited battery life, and are generally unsuited to the tough and dusty conditions of a rural Kenyan school. The One Laptop Per Child Programme (www.laptop.org) has recently launched its XO laptop via Amazon in the UK (www.amazon.co.uk/xo). These laptops are designed specifically for use by schoolchildren in developing countries, with features such as a flash hard drive, high-visibility screen, built-in wifi, low power consumption, rugged construction, and open source software. The laptops retail at £275 under a scheme whereby for each unit sold, one is donated to another developing world school. A small-scale trial of these laptops at the primary schools that we work with could transform the learning opportunities for children both at this school and at our other schools in the area. If we can raise £5,000 through Big Give, wewill purchase 18 laptops to trial at Cedar Primary School, near Gilgil, Kenya. We have just launched a new fundraising appeal for this school, hoping to rebuild it from scratch and then use it to demonstrate to the local community the opportunities offered by technology. (For more information see www.hsk.org.uk/cedar.) On top of this, we will use the £5,000 to donate another 18 laptops to other areas in the developing world – a double impact.