Northumberland Wildlife Trust

Wild Play at Northumberlandia

Northumberlandia is a unique landform sculpture park. We want to add a natural play area in the woods to allow children to enjoy wildlife and to promote connections between art and nature. Green exercise is ideal for improving health and wellbeing and will attract more families and repeat visitors.

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Sedentary lifestyles are creating physical and mental health problems for our children. 1/10 children under 11 are now diagnosed with a mental health issue. 1/5 children aged 10/11 are obese. There is considerable evidence that children are increasingly disconnected from nature and 4/5 have no direct contact with it. Our natural assets are in decline and people will not protect what they don't care about. Northumberlandia needs to evolve its facilities to remain open as a community asset.


Creating a woodland play area will encourage children to explore and play in an unstructured way where they have direct contact with nature. This will increase physical activity , increase knowledge of their natural heritage and promote positive behaviours such as social interaction, problem solving and self-confidence. Northumberlandia will have a new facility that will attract new audiences and encourage repeat visits and will continue to be used by the local community.