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With a redesign on local adult services for people with learning disabilities there is a greater focus on transition and involvement of inter-agencies. With new young adults with learning disabilities graduating from high school it can only benefit them to be equipped with the necessary skills that will help them identify areas of interest, employment and create necessary opportunities to enable success in their lives. PUSH is proposing to be the fore-runner in providing a life skills program to the 4 largest high schools in Perth and initially over 3 years targeting pupils in 4th and 5th year by incorporating materials from Step it Up and Life Centred Career Education. In those 3 years we propose to offer this service to 96 students

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This project is not so much a new project, but one that is expanding upon an established foundation that is full of potential. In Oct 2007 we ran what was a pilot program called Step it Up (Youth-link Scotland) for a group of 5th years who attended the learning support unit within a local high school. The program targeted the development of social and emotional competences as well as identifying personal goals, gifts, hobbies and interests. The program equally touched on transition from school to the workplace, preparing for employment and volunteering. At the end of the program an evaluation was conducted and the response was positive from the students who took part and from the Head Teacher of the Learning Support Unit, who suggested that if we could return, then it would be ideal to start at the 4th year level. The structure of the proposed program would involve the students at 4th year level attending one 40 minute class a week where they would be identifying personal goals, gifts, hobbies and interests as well as developing self-awareness, self-confidence, socially responsible behaviour, good interpersonal skills, independence, decision-making, and communication skills. In 5th year, they would attend a 40 minute class that would touch on material from the previous year but have more of an emphasis on opening the door to occupational possibilities and choices, including appropriate work habits, seeking and maintaining employment, physical/manual skills, and specific job competencies. To allow for this development and to create familiarity with local organizations such as The Learning Curve at the local library, Youth Enquiry Service and the local Voluntary Service an 80 minute class will also be built into the schedule. The progression of the students will be monitored through a variety of work based projects, reflection book and pre/post tests. It is also hoped that progression may also be monitored by offering an opportunity to the 5th year pupils to become mentors to the 4th years. Costings for a 4 year project: Project Worker 26,173.57 Volunteer Expenses 3,002.95 Travel Costs 2,265.88 Office Costs 5,389.28 Instruction Materials 1,200.00 Course Materials 524.57 Building Fees 3,676.68