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To convert a store room to an equipped archive storage facility

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In this, the centenary year of Girlguiding, much of our celebration will refer to our history. Girlguiding Shropshire has a large archive of documents, textiles and artifacts which are currently housed in boxes in a private garage. At our leased Headquarters building we have a large attic room which we hope to convert to an archive centre so that the archives will be accessible to our members. The room needs to be at a fairly constant temperature so needs a 13 amp electricity circuit, with sockets for frost protection heaters (and for a cataloguing laptop). To ensue that heat is not wasted the room needs insulation on walls and ceiling. To house the archive materials, storage shelves and appropriate cupboards, boxes and covered hanging racks to protect textiles from dust and light have to be purchased or constructed. The current whitewash needs to be removed and the walls redecorated with modern paints that do not create dust. Although our volunteers can supply much of the labour required, there are some skills, such as plastering and joinery, that we don't have, so we have to buy in those skills, and it is for this and for materials that we are Cost of insulation materials - £400 Cost of plastering - £300 Cost of materials for storage £ 600 Cost of construction £600 Cost of other storage necessities such as boxes £200 Cost of volunteer expenses £100 Cataloguing laptop with appropriate programme- £800