The Trolleybus Museum at Sandtoft

Exhibition Hall

The plan is to build a new exhibition hall to better tell the story of the Trolleybus and provide suitable display facilities for some of the finely preserved vehicles in our collection.

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The current vehicle storage facilities are life expired and unsuitable for vehicle displays. Built back in the 1970's our vehicle depot is simialr to a barn and stands on rough concrete, with an asbestos roof. It is cold, damp, dark and cramped. It is not ideal for displaying the many finely preserved vehicles on display. The aim of the project is to build a new exhibition hall which will become home to a selection of trolleybuses. A selection will be chosen as display vehicles, aimed at telling the story of the development and history of trolleybuses.Suitable interpretation materials will accompany the vehicles in order to provide a detailed and informative story. As well as vehicle displays the new Exhibition Hall will be a running shed, where service vehicles are stored between events. The Trolleybus Museum also operates trolleybuses around a specially built electric circuit on opendays held throughout the year. Current depot facilities require vehicles to be towed in and out with a tractor. With a running shed incorporated into the Exhibition Hall, vehicles will be able to operate in and out under their own power. Furthermore, the building will be watertight and heated which will make it easier to keep the buses clean and presentable and prevent damage and rot to their bodywork. As a result of having the Exhibition Hall it will free up space in the existing depot allowing us to start redeveloping that area too. Project costs are currently being quoted at around £120,000 just for erecting a new builing, not including the fitting out. Overall the Exhibition Hall will provide better facilities for both visitors and artefacts and will, ultimately, enhance the visitor experience.