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20% of British children have bever been to the countryside... The Countryside Alliance Foundation's first priority is educating today's young people about our wonderful countryside. We have developed an interactive classroom-based educational resource that will enable 7-11 year olds to learn about the countryside. We now aim to roll this project out to different age groups, particurly 11-14 year olds.

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The website is a free-to-use online resource for primary schools. A letter and promotional poster was mailed in 2008 to 23,000 head teachers in England and Wales, explaining how their staff can use this exciting resource. Crucially, it is based on the curriculum so teachers can use it in their weekly work, rather than filing it in the ‘nice but not essential’ drawer. Our web research indicates that Countryside Investigators is already being used in approximately 10% of primary schools. We are continuing to promote the resource throughout the education network. The Foundation intends to build up a portfolio of education resources for different age groups. Research carried out by the charity shows that there is demand in the teaching profession to incorporate more about the countryside across the curriculum. With additional funds we will be able to create more educational initiatives delivered through schools and communities