Colchester Archaeological Trust

Save Colchester's Roman Circus

We plan to purchase a grade 2 listed (but disused and vandalised) victorian army building to create a visitor information centre, for Colchester's Roman circus.

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Colchester's Roman circus is the only known Roman chariot racing track found in the uk, and this reflects Colchester's status as the Roman capital of Britain. In Roman times, chariot racing was an incredibly popular sport, much like football is today. Colchester has a wealth of Roman architecture most of which is simply dotted around the town, with no cohesive, dedicated information or interpretation. Currently the area of land where the circus has been discovered is owned by a large property developer, who has agreed to sell the vandalised Victorian building and a portion of land which houses the starting gates for the arena, back to the campaign group. We wish to buy the land and the building, creating a visitor centre, which could house archaeological finds from the area and provide a focal point and a starting point for a Roman history trail around the town. This would mean that this unique piece of Roman Britain could be preserved for ever, and be enjoyed by Colchester residents and visitors alike for many years to come. The developers have agreed to sell the site to the group for £750,000 and have deadlined us to January 31 2010, we have managed to raise £500,000, we need to raise £250,000, to finance our project.