The Friends of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park

Bio Blitz!

To engage professionals/skilled amateurs in biological monitoring across a range of different subject areas, such as lichens, mosses, plants, beetles, spiders, butterflies, flies, mammals, etc. At 4 points in the year have them all on site working with the public and interested individuals to record the animals and plants at that time.

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We're the only woodland in the Borough and we already know we're home to many UK rare and Red Data Book species. To insure that our ongoing nature conservation work is of benefit and to show that the work we carry out is seeing a rise in biodiversity we would love to do a series of public biological recording events that enage and work with the public. We also hope that this will show up new species currently unrecorded in the Park that would then allow us to amend/tweek our current management at a localised level. Engaging the public at these Bio-Blitz events we hope would create a greater appreciation of wildlife in the City and Urban setting and encourage greater use and apprecitaion of the unique and special place that is Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park.