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Interfaith Fund to support the needs of interfaith dialogue, particularly The Jewish-Christian-Muslim student conference, the Jewish-Muslim lecture series and the Jewish-Christian Bible Week.

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The mission of the College includes the following statement, “To advance mutual understanding and respect within the Jewish people and amongst the religions, cultures and peoples of the world.” To this end, the College has pioneered the work of Jewish-Christian-Muslim dialogue for 50 years both for its rabbinic students and the wider community. For over 40 years, the College has been co-hosting an Annual Jewish-Christian-Muslim Student Conference and an Annual Jewish-Christian Bible Week in Germany open to all. These remarkable gatherings combine serious learning with an open and supportive environment to explore the inner workings of different religions and encounter the reality of faith and life of members of different faith groups. Annual Jewish-Christian-Muslim Student Conference An annual week-long conference held in Wuppertal, Germany during March. The conference aims to promote interfaith dialogue from personal perspectives, centred around a main topic. Annual Jewish-Christian Bible Week An annual week-long conference held in Osnabrück, Germany, during July/August. The conference aims to promote interfaith dialogue through study of the Hebrew Bible. Modules in Interfaith study Taught in intensive blocks, these courses enrich the study of interfaith relations and include scriptural reasoning, study of the Koran and Midrashic literature and contemporary topics in interfaith relations. See website for further details.